Next Stop Kids Shop & Love Your Melon: A Winning Combination

Why are we proud to be a part of the Love Your Melon retailers?
This video says it all... 

We've teamed up with the Love Your Melon Wholesale program to offer LYM products!

50% of sales of these products goes to help fight childhood cancer!

Stop by our booth at Memaw's to see our LYM line and help us fight pediatric Cancer today!

**These products can only be purchased at our Booth at Memaw's Local Crafters LLC located at 209 North Main Street in downtown Waupaca. Due to the program, we can not offer discounts or sales with these products. We also can not offer exchanges unless the merchandise is defective. Our free mini-tote offer will be honored.**

cool river crew cap: $30

Khaki crew cap: $30

aqua crew cap: $30

burgundy crew cap: $30

navy crew cap: $30

spruce crew cap: $30

Adventure hardcover Book: $20

burgundy Mug: $25

charcoal mug: $25

Navy mug: $25

teal mug: $25

kids cool blue & white speckled beanie: $30

kids black speckled beanie: $30

Kids white beanie: $30

Kids black Speckled gold foil pom beanie: $45

kids burgundy gold foil pom beanie: $45

kids black gold foil pom beanie: $45

kids white speckled gold foil pom beanie: $45

Adult burgundy knit headband: $30

Adult black speckled knit headband: $30

Adult light charcoal & white speckled knit headband: $30

Adult white Speckled beanie: $30

Adult dark charcoal beanie: $30

adult burgundy pom beanie: $45

Adult Navy pom beanie: $45

Adult black speckled cuffed pom beanie: $45

Interesting facts about pediatric cancer